Upcoming Club Meets


Expedition Cairngorms

Expedition in the Cairngorms camping 2-11 April

  • Date: 02.04.21
  • Location: Cairngorms
  • Co-ordinator: Lesley Shipway Jo Barnes

Low Stern Yorkshire Dales committee meet

Low Stern Yorkshire Dales committee meet 9-11 April Members and guests only. Prospectives can attend as guests.

  • Date: 09.04.21
  • Location: Yorkshire Dales
  • Co-ordinator: Cath Sullivan

Sun Rock Orgon near Avignon

Week based at Orgon campsite chalets available 17-24 April

  • Date: 17.04.21
  • Location: Orgon France
  • Co-ordinator: Jan Rickman

Joint Meet FRCC Raw Head Langdale

Joint meet with FRCC based at Raw Head Langdale. This is a meet planned for last year brought forward but is not confirmed either the date or the venue at the time of issuing this calendar. This will be updated when possible.

  • Date: 23.04.21
  • Location: Langdale
  • Co-ordinator: Dee Gaffney Hazel Jonas

    For any question regarding forthcoming meets please email us via the contact page.

  • Future Meets

    We are following BMC advice about restarting meets with clear guidelines to comply with COVID 19 regulations. These include booking in advance, and making a self declaration and a risk assessment, all of which will be communicated to participants by the meet coordinator. Any accommodation or social aspects are not covered and should be arranged by participants according to any local regulations. To book on a meet, please contact the meet coordinator. As a prospective or potential new member please contact as above.
    All meets and any subsequent changes will be posted on this page to ensure that all information is as up to date as possible and to avoid confusion, though detailed information and a booking link will come from the coordinator