The meets programme

Most climbing clubs use the term ‘meet’ to describe trips away. The Pinnacle Club runs a meets programme of around 30 to 40 meets a year. These are mostly two-day meets over weekends, but there are some week-long meets, mid-week meets and one day meets. There is a meet at the Club’s hut – Cwm Dyli – on the first weekend of each month. The Meets Secretary organises the Programme to include a wide range of different climbing venues across the UK, so that there is something for everyone.

Booking on a meet

Meets have a designated ‘Meet Coordinator’. Coordinators are members who have volunteered to organise a meet. Members must book on meets via the Club’s website. Newcomers can reserve a place through discussion with the Membership Secretary. It is important that the Coordinator knows exactly who is coming on the meet, so they can make sure there are places available for everyone, and climbing partners too.

Where we stay

For weekend or longer meets, we usually stay in huts owned by climbing clubs, bunkhouses or campsites. Huts are bunkhouse-style accommodation providing sleeping in dormitories, cooking facilities, and showers.

For camping meets, we try to camp in the same area of the campsite. This depends on how busy the campsite is and the facilities (some have designated pitches whilst others are simply a field). The Meet Coordinator will let you know about the arrangements.

A group of climbers

What we do on a meet

The Meet Coordinator is responsible for making sure that everyone has someone to climb with – no one will be left behind! There are usually informal discussions on the evening of arrival and/or at breakfast time about who wants to do what. It’s a good idea to arrive with some ideas of your own about what you might like to do so that you can join in the discussions.

Some meets may be held in more serious locations than others (e.g. sea cliffs) or may have few lower-grade routes.

Meet Coordinators are happy to answer any questions you may have ahead of the meet.

What to bring on a meet

For hut and bunkhouse based accommodation, you’ll need to bring a sleeping bag and sometimes a pillow and/or pillowcase. For camping meets, you’ll need to bring your own tent and camping equipment.

Most meets are self catering, so you’ll need to bring your own food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sometimes the Meet Coordinator will organise a shared meal for one evening and ask everyone on the Meet for a small financial contribution to cover costs.

The expectation is that you’ll have all the equipment you need for climbing – i.e. harness, rock boots, helmet, rack and rope. Most climbing is done on half ropes. Some people bring one half rope, so that they can pair up with their climbing partner’s half rope. Others bring a pair. Some people have minimal racks and others have an extensive collection of gear! It’s usual practice to have a discussion about what gear you’ll need for the day with your climbing partner, and you’ll often take a combination of gear from both racks. A good reason to make sure your gear is marked!

If you have them, bring maps and guidebooks of the area. However, members often share guidebooks if not everyone has one.

Most importantly

Come along, join in, stay safe, and deal with everything that the British weather might throw at us!