Scrambling, Slime and Slugs in that order

by Ann Jamm
Another wet weekend meet in the Lakes, and my retail therapy plan was outvoted by Our Glorious Leader’s Ghyll Scrambling Plan. Too much to tell, so the ‘highlight’ only:

We find ourselves halfway up Lorton Gully and faced with a wall of green slime. The E2 Leader in our party is volunteered to ‘pop up it’ first, but traditional tactics are required. So A. bridges across the gully to simultaneously provide a foothold and ‘block’ E2L’s fall (see photo 1). But A. starts to slide downwards, so Our Glorious Leader uses her shoulder to wedge her in place (rugby prop-forward style – see photo 2 for precise positioning). The rest of us are standing on the ledge behind watching apprehensively, with good reason – a) it’s our turn next and b) we’re trying to block out images of dominoes and skittles. Finally Our Glorious Leader takes the lead and bridges/udges up, with double blocking from E2L and A. below. “What a hoot!” she exclaims as she heaves onto the ledge above. Not quite the expletive I’d have used in her position.

Footnote: Once safely over this crux, A. points out a slug on E2 leader’s finger: “Oh I thought my finger felt heavier than usual” was a pretty cool response.