about the pinnacle club


The objectives of the Club are to encourage the development of rock climbing and mountaineering amongst women and bring together those who are interested in these pursuits. Today the club has an active membership of around 160, representing most age groups, occupations and areas of the country. It is a rock climbing club for women who are competent climbers and mountaineers. It does not cater for beginners, but neither does it require members to lead Extremes. The emphasis in the Pinnacle Club is on enjoying the sport at any grade, whether it is Diff or E8.


The club has a full programme of meets - around 30 throughout the year. Meets take place usually at weekends in various climbing areas throughout the UK. Some meets are based in huts, others on campsites. The number of people on meets varies according to location, time of year and, of course the weather. Members climb together according to interest and ability. The interest and experience of Pinnacle Club members extends beyond rock climbing to hill walking, winter and Alpine climbing, ski mountaineering, Himalayan expeditions, fell running, caving, canoeing and other outdoor activities. A newsletter is distributed three times a year, the Club handbook is issued annually and a Journal every three years.

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Intro Meets make an enjoyable introduction to the Club because it’s likely that several newcomers will be there together. You’ll have the opportunity to climb with existing Club members in a friendly and supportive social setting.

To attend an Introductory meet, we expect you to be able to lead a trad climb, including placing protection, building anchors and belaying a second. Please note that these meets are an introduction to the club, not an intro to climbing! If you are unsure whether you have sufficient skills in climbing outdoors, contact us and we can advise. You may also wish to consider attending a course.

Look at the Meets Calendar for upcoming dates, and then contact the club through the contact page for meet details.


Women climbers interested in the Club are welcome on most meets, so if you have experience of leading outdoors, it is not necessary to restrict yourself just to the intro meets. Some venues may be easier for you than others or you may prefer certain dates. The choice is yours!



Step 1 - join us on a meet! Just contact us to introduce yourself and to discuss a suitable meet for you. If after your first meet, you decide you'd like to come on some more, you will be asked to register as a prospective member. This is free, but see below regarding insurance. The Membership Secretary will send you a full Meets List so you can contact the Meet Coordinator for any meet you wish to attend. The Meet Coordinator will ask you about your climbing experience and current grade so she can think about suitable climbing partners for you during the meet. We want you to have a positive experience so you’ll continue to come on meets. You don’t need to come with a climbing partner; in fact most prospective members come along on their own. You’ll be encouraged to climb with different members to help you get to know people in the Club and to build up experience.

It’s important that you already have a sound basis of climbing experience, are able to lead and place gear and that you can bring the necessary equipment with you to meets. For meets in mountainous areas you will be expected to have a good knowledge of hill walking and navigation skills. On winter meets it is essential to bring and know how to use an ice axe and crampons.


You must be 18 years or over, display sufficient skill and competence to lead safely on traditionally-protected climbs and be prepared to share in the activities of the Club. You should have taken an active part in the Club’s activities for a minimum of six months, or have the written support of at least four Club members. Your application must also be proposed and seconded by members of the Club with whom you have climbed.

For more information on membership please look at our application form and the Club Rules.


Climbing and Mountaineering are activities with a danger of personal injury or death. Participants in these activities do so voluntarily. Individuals should be aware of and accept these risks and are responsible for their own actions and involvement. The Pinnacle Club is affiliated to the BMC and is insured for any organised event or activity. Club members are also insured for liability claims by third parties whilst participating in outdoor pursuits.

As a Prospective Member we require you to pay the BMC affiliation fee (£20.25 in 2020) to ensure that you are covered by the Club's civil liability insurance. If you already pay this fee through another club or as an individual member you can claim it back from the BMC.