On yer bike!

17th October, 2013

By Dierdre O’Caunagh

The Pinnacle Club is nothing if not versatile. What better way to while away a (very) wet weekend than with a bit of a blast on your MTB? An intrepid team were lured onto the east side of the Pennines with the promise of one of the highest mountain bike rides in England, a world class descent of unparalleled splendour and a remote mountain bothy for lunch. Who could resist so many superlatives?

Slow and steady pedalling got us up – not withstanding a minor deviation and a couple of wipe-outs (no names mentioned) – from the tiny village of Garrigill to the 700 metre contour and the very welcome sight of Greg’s Hut. This is a dank and gloomy wee building that holds the honour of being the sole MBA run bothy in England. The descent was fast and furious with only the odd spill – and I’m not talking tea from a flask here!

The really awful weather on Sunday saw us slinking off to the fleshpots of Whinlatter Forest near Keswick and the pleasures of some singletrack in the pouring rain. Fortunately, there is also a delightful cafe there so we were able to dry out and stuff our faces with cake in the manner of people who felt they really deserved it.

So, when it’s too wet to climb and you’re bored with the wall, get on yer bike!


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