A poem about the Tarmachan Ridge

15th November, 2012

by Deidre O’Caunagh

A large jolly party went for a walk
They ascended a high mountain for a snowy  spot of sport
The wee doggies they had with them had such great fun
Until they reached the snow line then they began to look glum

Deep snow and fierce winds made their tails tuck down
Some tricky slippy steps nearly made them all howl
Luckily the ex-Pres had some fancy shiny spikes
And gallantly skipped over verglas clutching under one arm a wee doggy held tight
The lucky pup then got to rest snuggled against a large manly chest
It really was warmer than wearing a vest

Still, it all ended well despite the concerns
Of some members with crampons which refused their turn
And were stuffed back into rucsacs forcing their owners
To slither and dither – no, there weren’t any moaners
At last the jolly party returned from whence they had came
And declared, one and all, that the end of the adventure was really a shame!

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