In Hillary’s Steps – First Ascent to celebrate Queen’s Jubilee

4th June, 2012

by Lou Weth

While many were sitting in their plastic macs eating soggy crisps and wilting cup-cakes at street parties or watching the flotilla of boats on the rain-swept Thames to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, Pinnacle Club members – both current and aspiring – were doing their bit to uphold the tradition of adventure in honour of Sir Ed’s and Tensing’s braveĀ  achievement in 1953 (except that was only 59 years ago…something doesn’t add up there…). From our hut in the Gwynant Valley club members patriotically squelched, climbed, biked and shopped on the “Jubilee Multi Activity Long Bank Holiday Fun Week God Bless You Ma’am Meet”. Meanwhile, at the furthest reaches of our island, 2 aspiring members put up a first ascent of at least equal status to that of Everest. Seen here on the final challenge below the summit ridge, surely as gruelling as the notorious Hillary Step, our two heroines use rather dubious methods to snatch the first ascent of the north face of Cornerstone Cottage from strong local competition, critically observed by one Honorary Member and ex-President, as if from the window on the Eiger. Hurrah!

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