Catch it while you can

7th December, 2011

by Dierdre O’Caunagh

Hartside Pass in winter

“Snow is falling, all around us, children playing, having fun…”. Oh no they’re not, they’re all in school and it’s my afternoon off so a quick trip up to Hartside Pass for the first cross country planking of the season. Lots of fresh snow on a nice base of deep wet bog made for entertaining going. Plus deep drifting (this is the Pennines) led to the opportunity to bury one’s skis in waist deep snow holes. A white-out developed as we skied back heading into the next rapidly encroaching Atlantic front, unsurprisingly no-one else out on the hill. Combined with a finish in the dark and one headtorch between us the afternoon made for a typically character building experience; I love winter! But hey, before you start to get envious, it’s raining now.

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