Ways to get started in climbing

Looking to start climbing inside?
Find a local climbing wall: UKClimbing Directory of Climbing Walls.
Looking for people to climb with?
Many climbing walls have Facebook users' groups, social nights, or women's coaching sessions, all of which can be good ways to meet up with people to climb with.
On Facebook, join the Womenclimb Find a climbing partner group. Women in the group are both indoor and outdoor climbers, with all levels of experience, living all over the country.
Search for climbing groups in your area on Meetup.com.
Looking to start climbing outside?
Contact your local climbing club. Most clubs are really welcoming to new members and less experienced climbers.
Search UKclimbing Directory of Clubs or The BMC Find a Club Directory or The London Climbing Guide.
or the noticeboard at your local climbing wall or outdoor shop.
During winter months, many clubs meet up regularly at the local climbing wall. This can be a good way to get to know club members in a sociable and unthreatening environment.
The Women's Trad Festival is an enjoyable (if often over-subscribed) event.


The BMC often run courses to introduce indoor climbers to outside climbing. For example:

How to start rock climbing outdoors.

Ready to Rock courses 2021.

Women's Ready to Rock courses 2021.

On UKClimbing Forum, there are often trainee instructors who need to gain experience, and are looking for people to take climbing.

Other organisations who run courses include: